Urban Planner Specialist for Auckland Council, Eseta Fonokalafi

Eseta Fonokalafi, an old girl of McAuley High School, was one of the two individuals who won the Lance Leikis Emerging Planner Award for her contribution to the Māori and Pasifika planning space in Auckland.  See www.rnz.co.nz/international/pacific-news/415736/tongan-planner-specialist-acknowledged-by-nzpi-awardsfor the rest of the story.


HERO JuliaIoane

Dr Julia Ioane is a Samoan clinical psychologist and lecturer in psychology.  South Auckland born and raised, Julia hopes her new research will help inform policy and practice to help our young people and their families going through the youth justice system. Go to www.pasefikaproud.co.nz/stories/pacific-experiences-to-inform-policy-and-practice/ for the story.




Fifty years Reunion of Class of 1967.

We held it on 4 February on Waiheke. First we all met up at either the city Ferry Building or at the half Moon Bay terminal. We did the sculpture walk and then we had lunch at Mudbrick Restaurant and winery.

It was amazing. Even though most of us had not seen one another since we finished school the rapport between us was still there. Consequently there was an awful lot of talking and laughter.

That evening some of us met up at the Bucklands Beach Yacht Club for dinner and then made plans to meet the next day for brunch before those from out of town had to leave.

It was surprising how many of us actually lived close to each other but never ran into one another. We had girls come from down country and from Brisbane but one came all the way from Panama. We had a BBQ for her with just a few of us able to go before she went back.

I think there were 25 out of the 33 in our class that attended. We had one who had died last year and a few who could not attend due to illness or attending weddings. One we only finally made contact a few days before and so she was unable to arrange to come up from Nelson and one we could not find.

Jan Nelson (Griffin)