Level 1
This course will help students to understand ideas and methods which form the basis of making art. Students will learn to draw and paint, use mixed media, make sculptures, take and manipulate digital photos.

Level 2
This course will help students develop an understanding of methods and ideas which form the basis of painting. Students will study the work of various artists and develop their own ideas for painting.

Level 2 – Design
Students have the chance to be artistic and creative. They will design a costume for a festival or award competition. Students do not need to be great artists but must come up with original ideas to use and think about the neat presentation of their work.

Level 3 – Painting
This course will enable students to develop an understanding of existing ideas and procedures in art-making and to extend this understanding through original, individual performance.

Level 3 – Design
This is a graphics and design course. There is a need for students to be creative, organised and able to present their design ideas on paper. The course will involve designing and making a new product, and designing and constructing a greeting card.