McAuley High School edited (86 of 119)Accounting Level 1
This course is designed to provide an introduction to Accounting and to promote knowledge and understanding of Accounting as a financial language. Students who have an interest in money will learn how to prepare and analyse financial statements and learn basic accounting theory and practice.

Digital Technologies Level 1
This course introduces students to some fundamental concepts of digital information, digital media, digital infrastructure and servicing a personal computer through the use of engaging applications, hands-on exercises and activities such as the creation/modification of images. The course is to provide a broad general grounding in digital technologies.

Accounting Level 2
This course is designed to stimulate student interest in Accounting. It promotes knowledge and understanding of Accounting as a financial language for trading and service businesses. Students learn to apply financial knowledge and skills to practical situations.

Computing Level 1 & 2
McAuley High School edited (35 of 119)Nearly all avenues of study or employment require students to be computer literate. This is a beginner’s course for those who have achieved limited success at Level 1. It will enable them to develop fundamental skills and knowledge touse the computers as a means of communication for both personal and vocational use. Students will develop the basic concepts of Information Technology, word processing, design, spreadsheeting, database, presentation, Internet and email skills.

Digital Technologies Level 2
This is not a beginner’s course. It is intended to provide a variety of computer knowledge and hands on skills relating to the use and manipulation of digital data. Skills and techniques acquired will enable students to create advanced digital media outcomes using commercial and open source software applications. Students will also learn and apply their knowledge in information management, print media and computer networking. The course covers both theoretical and practical components of digital technologies.

Accounting Level 3
Accounting aims to promote knowledge and understanding of accounting as a financial language and to apply this to the business world. This course will focus on accounting for partnerships, companies and manufacturing organisations.

McAuley High School edited (9 of 119)Computing Level 3
This course continues to focus on improving students information literacy skills. There is a focus on research, communication, problem solving and information skills and it allows students to develop these skills to a more advanced level than Year 13. Students will be required to develop solutions and use the design process to complete the various tasks using a variety of software programmes. It will provide students with more advanced challenges in the use of word processing, desktop publishing, email, internet, spreadsheet, databases and presentation systems.