Physical Education – Core
In this course students will participate in a variety of sports activities with a focus on how this influences their well-being and interpersonal skills. Students will also take part in a leadership programme where students will be expected to lead, plan and evaluate a physical activity.

Physical Education – Option
This is a demanding course both physically and academically. Students will analyse and evaluate movement in basketball, learn about anatomy and biomechanics and research contemporary issues in sport. Students will also take part in an outdoor education programme where they will go mountain biking and kayaking. A high level of effort is required in all practical classes.

Physical Education (12PEO)
This is a sports science based course, it is demanding, both physically and academically. The course requires a leadership role at Year 10 camp, participation in a high ropes course, the study of human anatomy and biomechanics, fitness studies, motor skill learning in PE, sports studies (swimming). Some course work will require use of outside facilties and transport.

Sport Studies (12SPS)
This course is tailored for a student who has a strong passion for all areas of physical activity. Students will be required to plan, implement and facilitate events which assist others to be active members of society. Students will also explore the significance of a major sporting event.

Physical Education (13PEO)
This is a demanding course both physically and academically. A high level of effort will be required throughout the year. Students will be expected to learn how to appraise their performance, plan an improvement programme and evaluate how well they improved in a specified sport. Stuents will attend a compulsory outdoor education camp. Students will plan and review an outdoor education camp in which they learn to snow board, tramp, go caving etc. Students will also examine and research the obesity issue in New Zealand.

13 Sport Studies
This course offers a MIT Certificate in Sports Leadership at Level 3. Students must have a passion for sport as players, coaches, referees or managers. The course combines both practical and written components.
This course is designed for students interested in going to MIT once they leave school to complete studies in Applied Sport and Recreation.