The Special Character of McAuley High School

  • School systems of pastoral care which value each person as an individual creation of God, with great worth.
  • An accredited Religious Education programme, which is compulsory at all levels of the school.
  • Prayer at the beginning and end of each day.
  • Class Masses and other liturgies.
  • Retreats – a day of reflection for each year level.
  • Outreach groups such as St Vinnies, Caritas, World Vision, SADD and Amnesty International.
  • Fundraising to help the less fortunate.
  • Whole school celebration of Eucharist for special days such as Dedication, Mercy and Thanksgiving.

Our Mercy Values are:

Whakarangatira – Respect
Aroha РCompassion
Tika – Justice
Panekiretanga – Excellence
Awhina – Service

We choose to live these values by:

  • Respecting the dignity of persons not for what they have or what they can offer us in return, but simply because they are person.
    • Helping to remove barriers that keep people from achieving their full participation in society.
    • Collaborating with others as equals.
    • Demonstrating fairness and modeling justice in all our practices.
    • Celebrating and developing the gifts and talents of each person.
    • Respecting and nourishing our environment.
    • Creating a spirit of hospitality by acknowledging and supporting others.

    McAuley Spiritual Reference Booklet