Year 11 – Study and Work Skills
This course includes personal development, time management, goal setting, problem solving, listening skills, study skills and assistance with study of other core subjects. Students are invited to join this course after consultation with staff and parents. A camp which is held at Sonshine Ranch, Papakura, is an essential part of the course.

Year 12 – Employment Skills
This course offers students the opportunity to study and gain Employment Skills. Students will be studying safe work practices in a retail environment, demonstrate knowledge of products, perform calculations in the workplace, develop computing skills, understand health and safety in the workplace and participate in a team in a retail or distribution environment. This course continues in Year 13. These skills have been identified by a wide range of employers as being important in the workplace. This course is designed to be flexible and accessible so that people are able to demonstrate some of the required competencies in the workplace. Students may also use this course as a platform for future studies in the retail sector.

Year 13 – Employment Skills
This course is a continuation of the Employment Skills study course. It offers students the opportunity to progress towards further qualifications. Students will develop the skills to provide basic customer service, relate to people of other cultures, develop computer typing skills, work together as part of a team in a workplace scenario, learn to be assertive in a positive way, etc. Students will also undertake the opportunity to complete a First Aid Certificate.