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Handsoap Ministry

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A Big Thanks To Hugo Charitable Trust

Thanks to the Hugo Charitable Trust, McAuley High School has been able to purchase a new school van. Their significant donation will benefit our students in many aspects of school life for which we are [...]

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Enrolments are open, electronic submissions are welcomed. Forms can be found by clicking on the link.  The enrolment form is available in Word form as well to enable you to complete electronically and send by [...]

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Removing cash fares on buses and at service centres From Monday 23 March From Monday 23 March 2020, Auckland Transport will be suspending cash fares on all buses.  We are doing this to minimise physical contact [...]

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Wayfinding Project

The links below will take you to info about the Wayfinding Project that our students were involved with.  This project helped emphasise the significance of passing on the knowledge of Maori and Polynesian wayfinding and using [...]

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Coaches Required

Coaches & Managers With over 50 teams at McAuley High School each year it is vital that we have parent and community involvement in coaching and managing teams.  All assistance is encouraged.  A call to [...]

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Student Release Procedures

Please click the link below for more detailed information about the school’s procedures for authorising the exit of a student from school during the school day. Update to Student Release Procedures

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Financial Assistance for Attendance Dues

Financial Assistance for Attendance Dues Financial assistance is available to assist families who may need financial support with the payment of attendance dues for preference students attending Catholic schools in the Auckland Diocese, both primary [...]

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Please read the important safety notice below if you are a parent who picks up their daughter from McAuley High School at the end of the school day. Important Safety Notice

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